Tech changes at the speed of light – literally. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of how technology is changing the lives of your customers and your team members. Great tech can help you meet customers where they are in the sales cycle and empower your organization to outmaneuver the competition. Don’t be intimidated by tech. These articles will help you wrap your head around trending business technology, once read at a time.


Why Should Entrepreneurs Consult UX Designers for eCommerce Operations

When an entrepreneur finally decides on an online business idea, he usually has a checklist of all the things needed to start a successful e-commerce website. The list usually includes business model, revenue model, logistic partner, partnering with a seller, etc. But there’s one very important pointer and that most entrepreneurs tend to forget; checking […]
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Chatbot Design 101: Creating an Interactive Sales Funnel

Chatbots have taken over the world of online customer service – it’s not uncommon to see automated messages popping up while browsing a Facebook business page or scrolling through a SaaS website. In fact, you may already have a chatbot for your own business. Chatbots are automated programs designed to simulate a conversion via online […]
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10 DIY Ideas for Old Phones

DIY projects are always fun, through these you don’t the only experience the fun part but you also get to know about the creative side in you. DIY projects are usually simple and easy to perform, but they genuinely make the look of your phone elevated and gorgeous. Do you have old used phones at […]
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5 Common Myths and Facts About Home Security Systems

Here are some common myths about home security systems you shouldn’t believe anymore. Do you think that security systems are no match for sophisticated burglars? Or you assume that security systems are only meant for tech-savvy homeowners? It means that you have some misconceptions about security systems. For a quick refresher, security systems are the […]
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10 Fundamental Reasons to Rebrand Your Company

Rebranding isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the only choice you have. Instead of disrupting operations, compromising on the quality of services, harming the reputation of your brand and letting sales decline, it’s better to swallow the pill and rebrand yourself. But, how do you know it’s time, and you have no other choice left? It’s […]
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7 Factors That Trigger App Uninstallation

The global app uninstallation rate stands at 28.88% within 30 days of download, claims Statista based on a study by AppsFlyer on 110 million installs across 1,000+ apps under 10 major categories as highlighted below. In a mobile-first culture, it’s a must that you understand the critical factors that drive app uninstallation rate and take […]
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9 Tips for Influencers to Build Their Personal Brands on Instagram

Did you know that in 2017, the market value of Instagram influencers worldwide was estimated to be more than $1 billion? In fact, this value is expected to reach $2.38 billion by 2019. Instagram has made it possible for many individuals to turn their passions into a profession. Those who have leveraged the platform well […]
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8 Tax Apps All Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Must Have

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” ~ Benjamin Franklin. Taxation has become so undeniable that irrespective of your vocation or the line of your business. If you aren’t paying your taxes, you are lawless, and when the tax authorities come knocking, you would be brought to a […]
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How Technology Changed the Future of Humans?

The world is continually going through changes. Just look at how much society evolved in the past 2000 years. If you think about it, the advancement was slow for centuries since technological advancements had not been dramatic until now. About 600+ years ago, Gutenberg invented the printing press, and that was revolutionary at that time. […]
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10 Steps to Understanding the Mobile App Development Lifecycle

10 Steps to Understanding the Mobile App Development Lifecycle Mobile applications have provided convenient means of accessing platforms that matter to us. From social networks to games, mobile apps have become dominant in the billion dollar smartphone market. The trend had been recorded in reports positing that about 80% time spent on mobile devices are […]
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